The story of the Bat

 One Bad Bat opened its first online store in June 2015 on Etsy. I had no clue where to start or how much work it would be but I knew I loved creating and enough people that saw my items liked them to give it a go. So with a few pairs of bullet earrings, I set on my way to finding a platform for handmade sellers and got to work learning what I could about how it all worked. Once I finally opened my shop I didn’t expect it to go anywhere fast. Though to my surprise, I got my first sale with about 30 days; I was shocked and excited.  

Since then One Bad Bat Creations grew from spent ammunition earrings to a mix of styles of jewelry. That includes Wire wrap spent ammunition, Wire wrap natural stones, Chainmaille, Hand stamped charms and so much more. My workspace at the beginning was not much of anything. Just a Dremel tool with a cutting wheel and a small metal table out on my deck. That I used to cut the spent shell casings with a spot on my kitchen island to glue the parts together. 

Now I have my Bat Cave. A small little cabin by the creek. It's rustic and simple but perfect for crafting and creating. I hope that my craft and space can keep evolving and growing. As I strive to make each and every piece better than the last. I hope to get to the point where not only can a have a regular form of supplemental income. But I also hope to be able to make regular donations from each sale, to the charity's that are important to me.  Since my Start in 2015, I have made 200 sales online and hundreds more in person at Craft Fairs.

200 Sales may not seem like a lot to most people, but for me, that is a huge number.  I have not always put as much time into promoting and advertising my little handmade shop as I should. So for me the sales numbers and the number of happy customers are huge. I hope to continue to bring new products and designs that are all my own designs along with keeping Customers and visitors happy with every sale.