Craft fair season and Ranch Chores

Well, craft fair season is officially here along with chore season around the ranch. So far we are getting off to a good start. Although it can be a bit hectic trying to get work on the ranch done and keep up with the demand to keep items at a good inventory level during craft fair season. All in all its all working out good though; the temps here are getting pretty toasty in the afternoons so we get out and work on the ranch chores in the mornings and once the heat of the day really settles in we quit for the day and I get to work on One Bad Bat stuff.


Anywho the first craft fair of the season for me was on May 31st and boy was I feeling the pinch. I knew this show was coming up but I had made quite a few changes to my display setup and some designs.  So I just kind of felt a bit unprepared, I had to re-price all my items and get them on the new jewelry cards and in the boxes, I had bought to match my brand.  That took a whole evening getting all that ready and one evening doesn’t sound like much but when you procrastinate to the last day to do it, it's a long time. Along with that, I had to do a test set up with my new tables, covers and display stand ( I did not wait quite as long to do that ) but it was a bit later than preferred. So that took a few days before I decided on a set up that I thought looked good. Just the right amount of products on the tables and just the right amount of height variation of the displays to keep your eyes interested without looking cluttered. ( any crafter that does fairs will know what I'm talking about there ) From there it was just getting everything organized and ready to load in the car for the show.


I have done this show before and knew its not always the best show but I do good enough there to make it worth going. This year was no different we made a profit not as big as some of our other shows but I knew going in that would be the case. So, for now, that show will remain on my regular list of shows to do.  My next show is June 9th its brand new venue for me so I have no idea how it will go the organizers seem so really be promoting it. ( this gives me hopes that it will be a good show ) but we will have to wait and see.


As far as Ranch work goes the list is long and the days are short. The Minion, Man & I have been taking riding lessons ( horseback that is ) for some time now. We all always wanted horses of our own to go out and ride whenever we like, I mean we have the land and lots of state land surrounding us so why not finally get out and enjoy it on horseback whenever we like. So we are finally getting close to our trainer giving us the all clear and helping us find and by the right horse friends for each of us. Which makes the big chore around the ranch lately planning out and building the corals and shelter for the horses to live in for winter times and till we can get all the rest of the fences on the property in better condition and just plain ole built in some spots. We are getting near the home stretch on that process but still far from home plate. With all of our main posts in the ground now for our coral and gates installed where we want them. We still have to string wire and install the row of the electric fence as well actually getting the shelter built. After that, we are about ready for our new horse adventure to start.


Once that project is over it's off to work on other odd and end projects that we need to work on before winter once again is knocking at our doors but for now, we are just happy it's sunny and warm.